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As a veteran Muscle Shoals songwriter and musician, Russell was one of the founding members of
Jackson Highway, a classic southern rock band right out of the 70's when Skynyrd was king and the
Southeast was the breeding ground for roots rock and roll, soul, blues , country, and gospel. Today, he
carries on that  Shoals tradition proudly as evidenced in his latest CD, the acclaimed, "Back to the
Swamp" on Jackson Highway Records.
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Russell Gulley in His Own Words

I was born in Rome, Ga., Nov.16th, 1947 to blue collar workers. Mom worked in the cotton mills and dad was in the forrestry
service till they returned to Fort Payne, Al., mom’s hometown in the early 50’s, so Fort Payne is where I grew up. Most of my life I
spent here, till I moved to Muscle Shoals after my Vietnam Experience and stayed there some 13 years working with Jackson
Highway, the band produced by Jimmy Johnson and David Hood for Capitol Records in 1980.

Early on I loved music. Listened a lot to the radio in my dad’s car late at night when I could pick up WCKY (Cincinnati, Ohio) and
WLAC in Nashville. Those stations featured a lot of blues and were my study guide.

I couldn’t afford records but that radio and local deejays (such as Jeff Cook of the group, Alabama) were my music instructors,
plus the choir at the local Pentecostal Church.

The church was where I realized that I had something in common with early rock and rollers, Jerry Lee Lewis and Elvis, they  
were Pentecostals. That fervor and shout was the fire that the early rockabillies had in secular music that attracted me to that
style early on, then as I realized the music was really “jumped up blues”, then I began to be a real fan of all the Sun Record
artists, and even more so of the founder himself, Sam Phillips
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